Engine 1


Engine 1 is a 2000 pumper manufactured by E-One.  It has a 1250 gallon per minute pump, a 1000 gallon booster tank, and seating for five firefighters.  Engine 1 is our primary engine, and responds to structure fires, motor vehicle accidents, and other similar calls.

Engine 2engine2

Engine 2 is a 2004 E-One Typhoon pumper. It has a 1250 gpm minute pump, a 1000 gallon booster tank, 30 gallons of Class A foam and seats 6. Engine 2 carries rescue equipment and is the first truck out on vehicle fires and mutual aid responses. It also responds to vehicle accidents and, at rural fires, is used at the dry hydrant.

Tanker 1tanker1large

Tanker 1 is a 2008 Pierce Contender DX series tanker built on a Kenworth chassis. It holds 3000 gallons of water has a PTO pump, which gives it “pump and roll” capability.  Tanker 1 responds to all types of fires including structure fires and wildland fires.

Rescue 1Rescue1a

Rescue 1 is a 2002 Ford/EVI 4×4 rescue truck.  It carries our medical response equipment, hydraulic rescue and extrication tools, cascade air tank filling system, and other rescue equipment.  Rescue 1 responds to all types of incidents ranging from EMS calls to structure fires.

Brush 1

Brush 1 is a 2012 GMC Duramax with a custom skid.  The truck was built entirely by DCFD personnel.  Brush 1 carries 250 gallons of water, and 5 gallons of foam.  Brush 1 is equipped with front bumper nozzles, a 10′ handline, and a 200′ hose reel.  Brush 1 also carries a wide variety of wild land firefighting gear, such as fire brooms and backpack water sprayers.  This truck responds to all fires where a nimble, lightweight apparatus is needed.